Welcome to Murau - Kreischberg!

From the 2012-13 season 14 lifts and 46 km of slopes for the hole family; the Tubing Arena, a permanent race track with automatic timing, the Speedcheck - this is fun & action on Kreischberg!
This year is going to be opened a 6km long new piste!

You can reach Murau all the way on motorway, except the last 40 kms. This is the closest fully equipped ski-truck from Eastern Europe..

Kreischberg has 46 km long ski-truck. There are 13 lifts and 18 trucks all around Kreischberg. Most of the trucks are red and blue, so they are practical for families. There are 3 skischools and a snowboard school, too. The highest truck is at 2018m.

Kreischberg is exceptionaly snowsafe, so you can ski on a very good quality ski-truck

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